Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Sister Series

My chap book, The Sister Series, is doing well. I have sold about fifty copies. I just spent about an hour updating my tracker, submitting to magazines, and sending congrats to my fellow poets on their successes. Homelife is quite continues and basketball is gearing up to start. I'm still not writing like I should be, but am not worried(yet)....may your days be filled with metaphors and similes.


Cheryl said...

Hi Carol! Glad to hear the book's doing so well. Can you share a little about where the inspiration for the sisters came from? Fans like me want to know!

Parris said...

I wanted to write a series of poems that express the unique relationship that sisters have-the love/hate scenario. I also wanted to include the two geographical areas that I have lived in and know well. There is also a bit of the love/hate feeling for Florida and NC in the chap book. If I could dream up my Utopia it would be a mix of the two states. Lastly, the time period was important. I have a great passion for American history. The two 1920's hurricanes of Florida, Jackie Robinson and his wife, Zelda Fitzgerald, and the birth of NASCAR imprinted Sissy and Little Bit's life tremendously. I see I traveled off the path and into a ditch in answering your sorry if I wandered off topic. Thanks for your time!!!